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Amelia Cafe & Bakery

3 out of 5 stars

My addiction to eating out at lunch is not shared by many in my office. It could be that they hate me for being able to eat whatever I want and still remain slim – dining out at lunch cuts in to gym time. Or it could be that my banter is even less interesting than catching up on work. Whichever the case, this time I tweeted at the Girls with Guts to see if they wanted to meet me for lunch and they did! We decided on trying Amelia Cafe in Brightleaf at the Gourmez‘s suggestion.

Amelia Cafe is a nice place to sit down outside or in and grab a bite to eat. There are comfortable leather chairs inside and a booth or two. It’s confusing at first, that it’s generally self-serve. You place your order at the counter and serve yourself your own drinks. They have a selection of sandwiches and soups and one or two crepes to choose from.

We each order either a half salad half soup combo or half sandwich with soup. The food was fine (I did enjoy my Italian sub on a crusty roll) but took a while to be delivered. My favorite part of the whole meal were the little cheese puff rolls that came alongside.

But we couldn’t leave without ordering a dessert (or three). We were drooling just looking at the cases of not only cookies pies and tarts, but also gelato! I tried the white chocolate raspberry tart, and it was fantastic. Next time I’ll have to try one of the crepes.


Amelia Cafe & Bakery
905 W Main St  Durham, NC 27701
(919) 683-5600




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6 thoughts on “Amelia Cafe & Bakery

  • I found that one time I went there I was also confused.. I had to wrangle someone to help us get some lunch. Sorry that you had trouble!

  • Angie Weldon

    Looks like a nice place & would have liked to try it but walked in and NOBODY seems to be working here, some people left cash on the counter & helped themselves…I tried to call no answer.. They lost a lot of customers today!!!

  • This looks good too! I think I already have this one my wishlist.

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