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Donut, Pastry and Sweets Obsession for Raleigh NC (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill)

Y’all know that I am pastry obsessed. I’ve pretty much sought out every donut, waffle or cinnamon-roll location in the Triangle, and I have tasted and re-tasted all for the good of humanity, to bring to you the best in the area. I haven’t yet tried Brightspot but I am looking forward to branching out to some of the neighboring towns and try more thanks to the donut map website, which I’ll link below.

First, Check Out my Donut Locations

  1. Boba Baba – They have the most amazing boba teas but also and even more importantly, mochi donuts!
  2. Daylight Donuts – Yes I may be biased because I love cake donuts and their cinnamon sugar cake donut is straight from my nostalgic memories from childhood, visiting the apple orchard for freshly made donuts off the conveyor belt. But the donuts here are not overly fried-tasting, allowing you to enjoy way more than one at a time.
  3. Rise Donuts – They serve biscuit sandwiches, chicken tendies, and fancy donuts, but the donuts are really what draws the crows, including the famous maple bacon one.
  4. Tepuy – These guys are available at Idle hour or pre-order and they have the most fantastic flavor selection.
  5. Burney’s Sweets and More – Whether you want a glazed croissant or another type of treat, Burney’s has a wide selection at multiple locations.
  6. Sola Cafe – Hot Minis are just what we order when we want to share a sweet little pick-me-up to have with a delicious latte made with homemade syrups.
  7. Baker’s Dozen – Classic style donut shop with lots of options in Cary, NC and in Raleigh off Capital.

I recently discovered that I am not the only major donut enthusiast. Check out Raleigh Donut Maps for a curated map of local donut purveyors.

Waffles, Churros, Taiyaki Oh My!

Donuts aren’t the only things that get my driving out of my way for a fix. I have been known to knock over a child or old lady also for some gourmet waffles. Here are some of my other favorite finds.

  1. Taiyaki from Om Tea – Yes I am obsessed with bubble tea but it gets even better when I can combine that errand with some savory snacks or this fish-shaped treat filled with nutella, red bean
  2. Cinnamon Rolls from Morning Rolls – I would have killed for this place when I was pregnant. I seriously had cinnamon rolls on the brain 24/7, and when it wasn’t that it was Mexican food. So therefore I gained a ridiculous amount of weight. This is the answer to my cinnamon prayers. They also have burgers and breakfast sandos.
  3. Churros and Ice Cream Sandwiches from the Horchateria – Of course try the horchata too but you may get a super sugar rush after having this all together. Worth it.
  4. Leige waffles from Jubala or Nora Coffee Shops – Can I get that chewy waffle with little bits of sugar crystallized inside please? Ok fine, some coffee with that too. I don’t even need any dippin’ toppings with it, but I wouldn’t mind it.