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Drive the wrong way out of Streets at Southpoint Mall, and you’ll find yourself face-to-face with the new Rise bakery in Durham. But in order to feel okay about going, you need to first prep by having only oatmeal for breakfast. and salad for lunch. So if you accidentally find this shop, the only way to control yourself is to get only one donut (or biscuit).

Rise Donuts

I bought a dozen, because the people I work with are spoiled.  Let’s see, we tried the Peanut Butter Cup, Cinnamon Sugar Cake, Chocolate Chocolate Cake, Pineapple Glazed with Pistachio, Sea Salt Chocolate Mousse Filled, and Vegan Matcha. Oh yes, and the white sugar ones were an experimental flavor, and I couldn’t remember what was inside but it was some sort of nut, it reminded me of a Mexican wedding cookie.

I was surprised that the matcha vegan donut was one of my favorites.  It didn’t appear in the photos because it was eaten the second I got back in the car! I had to cut the donuts in half so they wouldn’t disappear too quickly when I returned to work and unveiled the goodness. Folks were cursing me for ruining their diet out of one side of their mouths while dropping crumbs out of the other side. The only flavor that folks didn’t seem to like was the pineapple pistachio.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still bonkers for Daylight Donuts. But if you just want some special doughnuts for yourself, this is the place to slink off to. It makes more sense to get just a few anyway, since they can be up to $3 each if you get one like the bacon maple glazed. Or try a biscuit like the Pig in a Blanket or Huevos Rancheros. The hardest part is deciding which delicious seasonal items to save tummy space for.

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Rise Biscuits & Donuts
8200 Renaissance Pkwy
Ste 1003
Durham, NC 27713
(919) 248-2992

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3 thoughts on “Rise

  • The biscuits are really good too. The ham biscuit comes with a nice slab of roast ham that’s super.

  • I am really eager to try the biscuits but when I have to choose I fear that donuts will always win!

  • Great review! I went there last Wednesday for the first time, so I’ll have a review up soon too. A friend I was with said she wasn’t too sure about the pineapple one, either, but my banana pudding donut was great! And I’m not usually a donut fan.

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