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Mad Hatter Bake Shop

4 out of 5 stars

With such an appetizing menu, it really is hard to decide what to order at the Mad Hatter. I went in thinking I would most certainly choose one of the breakfast options – breakfast at any time of the day always suits my fancy. Waiting at the counter, staring through the glass at the mouth-watering cookies, it’s tempting to simply order dessert and skip lunch for the day.
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But against all odds I chose a salad. I rarely choose a healthy option, preferring to shun green items. It turned out to be both sensible and tasty.

I ordered the fried goat cheese salad with chicken on top, thanks to a 4square tip. It was quite filling, I couldn’t finish the whole thing. My buddy Tiffany was not impressed by her veggie tofu wrap. It had hardly any flavor at all, and most went uneaten. She did enjoy the veggie chili she ordered, though. The avocado on top was a perfect accompaniment.

I made space in my wooden leg and ordered a cheesecake brownie to take home. Despite her strict adherence to her detox diet up till this point, Tiffany also caved and ordered a cheesecake brownie, which she said was like heaven. Although it helps that she had not had chocolate in quite a while.
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I’d recommend Mad Hatter Bake Shop for a casual lunch or a nice treat. You can sit and eat on the patio, or join the work folks and stay-at-home moms in the dining room.

I’ve returned since then and gotten the same salad but my tablemates ordered fish tacos and an italian sandwich. All of us were completely stuffed and happy by the time we left.

Mad Hatter Bake Shop
1802 W Main St  Durham, NC 27705
(919) 286-1987

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  • Yes I am drooling thinking about another one of those brownies!

  • It has been a while since I have visited Mad Hatter. Your post makes me want to return.

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