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Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, Morrisville, NC

4 out of 5 stars

Burger places. Everywhere I turn I see another one. Whether they are putting sushi on a burger or just smooshing the burger or charring the burger over charcoal, I’m usually overwhelmed by their sheer abundance.

I’m not really even a burger aficionado, and I can prove it by telling you I have a soft spot in my heart for Char-Grill’s little puck-like burgers that are charred on the outside. I get them with ketchup and mustard and onions and all that flavor hits me right in the kisser.

In addition to my love for tiny crusty burgers, I have a suspicion for burgers that have too many toppings. Because they are messy, and I am a lady. Also because if the burger tasted good, you should still be able to taste it, right? And because you shouldn’t have more surface area of vegetables than actual meat. Not in a burger. This is America.

I swear this story is going somewhere.

What I like about Bad Daddy’s, despite their addition to the mega-loaded burger, is the dedication to 1) a well cooked burger and 2) the quality of the non-burger food. Some of us can’t just eat burgers all the time, we have to eat healthy old-people food like salad, and turkey burgers. It’s nice to go somewhere where we can all get something good, and an adult beverage as well.

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar


I ordered BD All American Cheese Burger because I wanted something simple to start off. The “homemade american cheese” tasted like a yummy cheddar mixture, and the burger’s condiments feature a homemade mustard, too. Once I tossed aside most of the vegetables, it was a yummy burger that I could fit my mouth around. Juicy and good. My table-mate tried a make-your-own buffalo burger, medium, with jack cheese and bacon. It was perfectly cooked, tender, delicious. I also ordered a tuna burger! Just to try. I wasn’t a fan, not because of the flavors, which were nice with the asian slaw with nuts on top, but because the texture of the raw tuna (I ordered it rare) ground up like that got to me. I think I expected more of a tuna steak. On a previous visit, I tried the Chicken Club and it blew me away. So much flavor and probably two meal’s worth of food.

Everything Else

The tater tots are crispy on the outside, smooshy in the middle, and nicely browned. They come with a special Bad Daddy sauce that smacks of worcestershire. The sweet potato fries come with honey mustard on the side. Which is really weird. So throw that away and eat the fries plain cause they rock. But I am not sure if they’re better than the regular french fries or not.

Yes, meat and potatoes, that stuff is easy. Can they do even SALADS?! Yes, even the house side salad you can get with the burger comes with cucumber, tomato, carrots, grated cheese, croutons and a choice of nice dressings, like the lick-out-of-the-bowl peanut soy dressing I tried. But you can also make your own salad.

Since this was a by-invitation meal, I decided to splurge a little and try the Elvis Shake. I personally feel almost everything is better with peanut butter, and that includes a banana chocolate shake. This was riiiicccchhhhhhhh. Enter food coma.

DISCLOSURE: Bad Daddy’s offered me a free meal for myself and a guest to come sample the food and write a post. The opinions are my own. No other form of compensation was offered in exchange for this review.

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar – Morrisville
3300 Village Market Pl
Morrisville, NC 27560
(919) 297-0953

Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar – Seaboard Station
111 Seaboard Ave
Raleigh, NC 27604
(919) 747-9163

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