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Who is deMandy?


This blog is dedicated to finding the hidden local-food gems in the Triangle. Countless friends and family members patiently endure my whines to try “something new” so that I can document the experiences for you.

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I’m Mandy. A food-obsessed marketer who enjoys eating food drastically more than preparing it. And taking pictures of it so that I can contemplate it later and then dish about it to you. If you want to jump straight to some of my favorites, read my Top Ten List for the Triangle. It’s old but still good.

I also like planning theme parties. Corporate theme parties, social media meet-ups, foodie gatherings and charity events.

I have a flair for data and research, too. I work with databases and software systems doing analytics, excel fu, marketing automation and lead management. On this blog, the closest to that you’ll see is a spreadsheet comparing the nutritional data of the top delivery pizza joints. Go to my LinkedIn page and my professional website for the marketing and analytics goodness.

Links of interest:

Demandy on Zomato – A good  place for local reviews for the Triangle. Users vote thumbs up or down and you can search by neighborhood. Plus it has links to Indy and N&O reviews as well.

My Food.com Recipes and Cookbooks – My recipe collections, all online and some with photos. Food.com is THE BEST recipe site out there with immense search and filtering capabilities.

Hungry Onion Message Boards, Southeast US – This is one of the places I go to get insider foodie tips on new restaurants.

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