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About DeMandy

About deMandy

Who is deMandy?


This blog is dedicated to finding the hidden local-food gems in the Triangle. Countless friends and family members patiently endure my whines to try “something new” so that I can document the experiences for you. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or Google+.

I’m Mandy. A food-obsessed marketer who enjoys eating food drastically more than preparing it. And taking pictures of it so that I can harshly judge it later and then dish about it to you.

When I’m not being judgy about everyones food choices, I am planning absurd parties in my head or roasting coffee beans at home.

Links of interest:

Demandy on Urbanspoon – My favorite place for local reviews for the Triangle. Users vote thumbs up or down and you can search by neighborhood. Plus it has links to Indy and N&O reviews as well.

My Recipes and Cookbooks – My recipe collections, all online and some with photos. is THE BEST recipe site out there with immense search and filtering capabilities.

Chowhound Message Boards, Southeast US – This is one of the places I go to get insider foodie tips on new restaurants.

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