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Soo Cafe

NOTE: Soo Cafe recently relocated to a new location along Capital Blvd. They now have grills for cooking your own meat, as well.

5 out of 5 stars

From my first step in the door of Soo Cafe, I knew I was in for something good. The scent of garlic and savory meat drifts through the air and beckons you to take a seat. Decor inside is simple but homespun, with basic tables, a self-serve water pitcher, and lots of interesting wood planks hanging throughout. Note: They don’t serve alcohol, and you aren’t allowed to bring it in. There’s no website, but you can see pictures of Soo’s menu in my gallery, below.

Soo Cafe Dining Room

There is no question to whether you need to try the Korean Fried Chicken. You simply must. In fact, I might recommend ordering a bunch of popcorn chicken as an appetizer, maybe a selection of 20 so you can try two different sauces on them. It takes a little bit of time to come out, because they make it fresh. And then you have to wait the torturously long time for them to cool down enough to put in your mouth. But once you do it’s delightful.
Korean Fried Chicken
This was my first time trying Bulgogi and I enjoyed it. A little sweet and garlicky stir-fry with carrot shreds. Also we tried the pork belly. It comes with lettuce leaves, some bean paste, kimchi and a smoky sesame sauce. It’s smoky, chewy and crunchy, with the tangy spicy kimchi flavor. Some part of the belly were a bit tough but it’s definitely worth trying. The best bet is to try a little bit of everything. The prices are right and you’re in for an adventure.

Soo Cafe also has sushi and some other Japanese items. We didn’t try any of them, so you’ll have to update me on what you think is the best! My buddy Ron had checked out Cafe Soo also, so see some more tempting photos on his blog, Foodalicious Follies.

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Soo Cafe
2815 Brentwood Rd
Raleigh, NC 27604
(919) 834-2244

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