Old Havana Sandwich Shop

5 out of 5 stars

I enjoyed another schvitz-worthy trek over the train tracks and down Main Street in Durham – this time, to enjoy some wonderful Cuban pork at Old Havana Sandwich Shop. They sun was beaming down brightly, the breeze blew swiftly… it was a nice walk. I wouldn’t go so far for just a Cuban sandwich, but I would for a nice combination platter.

I ordered at the counter of the sunny establishment, then sat on a bench and waited while a group of customers in the back played dominoes. The platter of rice, beans, pork and a half order of maduros (sweet plantains) were packed up nicely for me. It was enough food for two meals. The pork was tender but a little crispy with just the right amount of fat. The maduros and other sides were perfection as well. I felt that $9.60 is a reasonable price for that considering the quality of the ingredients really shine through.

I’ll be back again soon, although I will be tempted to order the same thing rather than trying a namesake sandwich. A cafe con leche cubano also sounds like a great to-go option to keep me company on the walk back to the Tobacco Campus. Of course, you’ll probably want to try one of the namesake sandwiches, or one of the breakfast guava pastries. Check out the menu at their website.

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Old Havana Sandwich Shop
310 E Main St  Durham, NC 27701
(919) 667-9525

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  1. Matt says:

    I loved Old Havana too – when I was younger we used to go to the Florida Keys once or twice a year and I have great memories of delicious Cubanos served by women who treated me like I was their grandchild. When I was 18 I was fortunate enough to actually go to Cuba and I was blown away by the food and culture. I’m so happy to have a little slice of Havana here in Durham.

  2. Kathiey says:

    Hey Demandy,
    I will have to add this to my wish list on Urban Spoon.
    Thanks for your post

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