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Farmhand Foods

In a move that felt like an Alanis Morrisette-style twist of fate, I ended up heading out into the rain for a sample of the Farmhouse Foods sausage. I say that because earlier in the day my microcelebrity had spread – I was the famous pig-spotter of I-40.

My breaking tweet announced to the world what was causing that delay, in turn, capturing their imaginations.

I went from admiring the scenic piggies jamming up traffic to suddenly craving a craft sausage sandwich. Thankfully, Farmhand Foods (@FarmhandFoods) had parked their truck in downtown Durham. Though it seemed that I was the only one braving the rain to go there today, I ended up purchasing their last Polish Sausage sandwich. The other options for today were bratwurst or a pimiento grilled cheese sandwich.

The famous bearded man (apparently from Jersey City) helped me out with my sandwich.

Bearded ManFood Truck

It was a great toasty item to warm me up from the weather – and also was an inspiration to someone who has previously disliked pimiento cheese. It’s another matter altogether when there are thick shreds of sharp cheddar cheese in it!
Polish SausageSandwich

6 thoughts on “Farmhand Foods

  • It’s always fun running into the beardies at the sausage wagon. I’ll have to stop by and see the cookery sometime when I’m wandering downtown over lunch. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  • Thanks for the awesome post on Farmhand Foods! We love the Sausage Wagon, and are really excited to have them join us at The Cookery, Durham’s only certified commercial kitchen for rent by the hour, now accepting applications! To find out more about The Cookery, and how we can help launch your food business or food truck, visit us at
    Thanks for the great coverage of the Durham food scene!

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