Los Comales

4 out of 5 stars

Finally after a few months working in Durham I have gotten a chance to check out one of the rumored authentic Mexican places in town. Los Comales is located, like many tasty dives, near a pawn shop and an intersection of two highways (near 85 and 501).

MenuI had an adventure dusting off my high school Spanish lessons at Los Comales. And don’t ask how long it’s been. My usual queries about “what’s the best thing to order?” were met with blank stares. As you can see there is a pretty decent-sized menu, so I guessed on what to order.

On this first trip I ordered a barbacoa taco, al pastor taco, and a pupusa with beans.  The tacos were good but the barbacoa had a little too many squishy bits for my taste. The tortillas were soft, fluffy and fresh, and the toppings of fresh cilantro and onion and lil limes were nice. Of course the fresh topping bar was also fun. The pupusa was very tasty, but I was determined to get it again but with meat next time. If you are squeamish about your pig and beef parts, you should study up so you know what to order.

This is what I did before my second visit, so here is my cheat sheet.

  • Al Pastor – Marinated Pork
  • Buche – Pig Esophagus
  • Cachete – beef cheeks
  • Leguna – tongue
  • Tripa – tripe
  • Pollo – chicken
  • Cabeza – head
  • Chicharron – pig skin
  • Birria – goat
  • Chorizo – Mexican sausage
  • Azada – seasoned steak
  • Suadero – steak (different type)
  • Barbacoa – mixed “Mexican” barbeque
  • Huaraches – Fried masa cake with taco toppings, sandal-shaped
  • Pupusa – like a stuffed arepa, with bean and pork, chicken or steak

On my second visit, I ordered an azada, a suadero and an al pastor taco. I would say my favorite would be a tie between the two steaks, azada and suadero.

Not only is the food fresh and fantastico, it is super cheap! You can seriously fill up for about $5. So you should stop by and try not only one of the above, but some of the aguas frescas, fresh juices.

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Los Comales
2103 N Roxboro St  Durham, NC 27704
(919) 220-1614

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  • Usually around 2:00 pm. I’ll have to check out and see if they offer breakfast. When I was in Mexico I was served chicken chilaquiles for breakfast. It quickly became my favorite.

  • I’m glad the post inspired a visit. Do you stop by in the morning? Or is your way to work later in the day. I’ve wondered what sort of breakfast they have, if they do offer it.

  • After reading your post I tried this place. I love stopping here on my way to work. I brought my Father in law here and he also loved it. My favorite is the Pastor : )

  • Nice review! Yet another place to add to the list. I really appreciate the cheat sheet since my Spanish skill are zero!

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