Hot Pink Cake Stand

4 out of 5 stars

If you’re heading out to Wilmington, NC in the future you should really check out this cute little cupcakery. After a leisurely tour of the old city and a little shopping we stopped in to Hot Pink Cake Stand (@HotPinkCake) for a treat, and couldn’t resist ordering two cupcakes for each of us.  I have since returned and in that time sampled an oreo, red velvet, coconut, and Reese’s flavored cupcakes.  They were all delicious Mom and I agreed that coconut was our favorite.  You can order most flavors in either a regular-sized cupcake ($2.50) or a mini ($1.25).  We wisely ordered two each of the regular size to eat in, and two each to take home with us.  Mom had some fresh coffee made from locally roasted beans.  I opted to head down the street to Port City Java for a mocha.

Hit up their website for tempting photos of many of the flavors, which include vegan options.

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