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A new favorite!

Daisycakes made itself known to the world via a super-stylish airstream trailer, flitting about Durham. Now the husband and wife team bring us a cute little shop in downtown Durham, Foster Street. (map)

I had heard great things, not only about the cupcakes, but also the lunches from various intel. Lauren raved over the roasted fennel, leek and red pepper sandwich. Foodies were atwitter about the adorable cupcakes and the local ingredients.

For a recent visit, I tried the City Ham and Swiss sandwich which comes with a small side of pasta salad. It’s just the perfect amount if you don’t want to fill up too much to select a dessert. I think they judiciously decide on the meager amount of pasta so that you know you’ll have room later for a cupcake. Not that I am complaining. I also enjoyed a roast beef sandwich I ordered, which was one of the daily specials. The lunches seem simple but the sandwich ingredients compliment each other perfectly, creating a satisfying lunch on fresh bread.

So satisfying, I thought I was too full to get a cupcake. Which is impossible because I am never to full for a cupcake. Although I really could try to slim down a bit…

Each sidewards glance to the towers of cupcakes and cookies tempt further… until you are drooling on yourself. Now is not the day to diet. I mean you could buy the granola and put it into some greek yogurt. I certainly did, it had some surprise dried cherries in there, some almonds and some satisfying oats. But come on, we are here for the cupcakes!

Red Velvet, Vanilla Dream, Chocolate Fix? Yes please. Coffee’s really good too. It’s Counter Culture, of course! Stop on by and get yourself some treats from the lady with the bandana (Tanya).
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401 A Foster St, Durham NC

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