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Mediterranean Deli

5 out of 5 stars

Looking for an affordable meal amist the yuppie eateries on Franklin Street? The authentic Mediterranean Deli is the place for you! With an immaculate selection of both vegetarian and meat dishes plus a free topping and olive bar, this deli shines.

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I tried the beef shawerma plate – tender marinated beef sitting on a bed a tabouli over plenty of fresh zingy hummus that was a perfect blend of flavors. It came with a freshly baked pita bread recently out of the oven. Hubs tried a falafel salad. It was equally fresh with a variety of veggies and a light dressing. The falafel had an interesting crisp of sesame on the outside, though they were slightly dry inside. I enjoyed my meal with a sweet rosewater tea, which tastes just like it sounds.
Shawerma PlateFalafel Salad

One time I’d love to come back again when the bakery is going and order one of the crisp breads stuffed with feta and a combination of veggies and meats called a fatayer. The one I saw come out looked like a giant delicious mediterranean calzone. But also any combination of items from the deli case… how did I not try some baklava or one of the other luscious desserts?
Bakerylunch at mediterranean deli

Mediterranean Deli
410 W Franklin St  Chapel Hill, NC 27516
(919) 967-2666

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  • burgeoningfoodie

    Med Deli is a great go-to place when you just can’t think of where to eat. I’m not sure what you mean by Yuppie eateries on Franklin considering they are almost all college spots (burgers, breakfast, fake burritos or pizza).

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