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Remedy Diner

2 out of 5 stars

This review is only for Remedy’s breakfast – after all the hype I’ve heard from friends, we were pretty disappointed.

Despite the artsy hipster interior and matching-themed waitstaff, Remedy’s breakfast offering did not cure “what ales us.”
Remedy Tabletop
Remedy Tabletop

Remedy Bar
Remedy Bar

Hubs and I both ordered the Remedy Breakfast, which for 7.50 includes 2 eggs, sausage (or bacon), gouda grits, and a hash brown patty. What we got was fairly standard prefrozen sausage and hash brown (exactly like McDonald’s) plus a relatively tasty bowl of grits and what looked to be more like 1 egg worth of scrambled eggs. This was FAR from a $7.50 value! The brunch special of the day was tuna cakes, which didn’t sound super great.

I hear the dinners are amazing, but I think the Remedy team should rethink breakfast.

Remedy Diner
137 E Hargett St  Raleigh, NC 27601
(919) 835-3553

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5 thoughts on “Remedy Diner

  • Shut up and Eat It

    The breakfast has improved. They now how have seasoned potatoes made from scratch instead of the hashbrown patty. The vegetarian & vegan options are wonderful!! I’ve never had such a selection to choose from when dining out. I’ve also noticed all the daily blue plate specials, vegan tacos, vegan chicken pot pie, vegan shepards pies, portobello mushroom sliders! Yum!!! Also the BEST vegan buffalo wings EVER!

    Meat lovers, you’ve gotta try the Spicy Turkey & the Turkey Pesto!!

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  • I wasn’t too impressed with dinner either! Noticed the same tendency to use non-scratch food, etc. My meal at Remedy seemed like I could have pulled it out of the fridge at home!

    And check out NY Pizza on Tryon for another NY style pizzeria…

  • That’s a shame Julia and I have both been wanting to give that place a try. We will make sure to steer clear of the breakfast and go for dinner.

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