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Parker & Otis

4 out of 5 stars

Occupying an interesting old space inside Brightleaf Square, Parker & Otis is part funky gourmet shop, part deli. It’s a great place to bring out-of-town guests or to stroll to for a mid-afternoon break. When they are busy, the first order of business is to find a spot to eat, which can be tricky. Especially so if it’s too cold to sit outside on the patio. (They do have heat lamps out there, though!) Hunker down at a table and send one of your party to the counter to order your food. The waitstaff will call out your name and bring it to you.

The selection of sandwiches are inventive and reasonably-priced. They all come on a tin tray with a generous portion of colorful coleslaw. They had other side dishes in the case like potato and pasta salad, but it didn’t look like it was an option to sub out for the coleslaw. I ordered the artichoke and havarti panini, which I enjoyed but was heavier on the artichoke than I thought it would be. The soup of the day was Ginger Carrot, which my table-mates raved over. I also ordered a deviled egg for .75, which is a neat menu addition. Since then I’ve had the Elvis paninni, countless catered lunches, and many many coffees. You might not like every flavor combination, but the food always come fresh and well-prepared.

It’s interesting to browse through all the items for sale here, although you could quite easily spend a lot. The interior is a beautifully arranged gift shop, with a wealth of culinary delights and cooking tools. There is a wine shop, and a kid’s section as well.

I sauntered to the coffee counter and had an amazing mocha and a giant chocolate chip cookie for dessert.
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Parker & Otis
112 S Duke St  Durham, NC 27701
(919) 683-3200

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