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Barry’s Cafe

Attempting to describe the breakfast at Barry’s without getting mouth-wateringly hungry is futile. For instance, the Firehouse Platter. A pancake the size of a plate, accompanied by two eggs and meat (bacon or patty or link sausage) plus hash browns or grits. The eggs have fluffy whites, even when fried. The sausage is bountiful and I can never finish it. The home fries are roasted little potato dice. I personally like to mix the eggy yolk with some home fries and ketchup. Is that weird?

It doesn’t matter how you eat it, it’s good. And the pancake. The pancake spoke to me. It seduced me. “Spread butter on me. Drizzle the syrup… just a little.” I devoured the pancake and the home fries and eggs and alllllll of the things. The biscuits were fantastic, too.

Just as I’m about to slouch over, a gluttonous lump of both satisfaction and shame, these came out – the complimentary after-meal treats!

It doesn’t get homier than that.

Barry’s serves breakfast all day, but they also have lunch and dinner. A quick scan of the Internets tells me people really like the chicken and rice special, the papa burger, and the burrito. So give it a shot! And if you bring your kid, they have a selection of matchbox cars and crayons to keep them occupied, as well as the fire helmets and fire fighting memorabilia to look at.

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Barry’s Cafe
2851 Jones Franklin Rd
Raleigh, NC 27606
(919) 859-3555

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3 thoughts on “Barry’s Cafe

  • I thought the burgers looked ok but I certainly keep coming back for the breakfast.

  • Yes. Stop by and get me next time a lunch train goes that way.

  • I haven’t tried their breakfasts but I have to say I’ve been pretty disappointed with the burgers and fries

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