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Only Burger

3 out of 5 stars

I don’t know what’s so exciting about ordering food from a truck. You place your order and stand outside in the cold and wind for a while so you can take your paper bag of greasiness (in a good way) inside and munch. Greasy paper sack=awesome. Wind and cold not so much. What is it about the food coming from a transport on wheels which delights the imagination? Perhaps it’s the memory of the ice cream trucks of our youth.

The menu at Only Burger was short and sweet, or so it seemed. I later heard that they have specials, but there were none posted. I tried a bacon cheeseburger and some fries. It took a while to get but the burger was juicy and satisfying. What surprised me is that I really enjoyed the fries more. They had just the right touch of salt and fresh pepper.

I have to say I prefer a Char-Grill or Five Guys burger myself. As a matter of fact, I prefer Five Guys fries too, although these were similar. I like mine with crispy edges. Keeping in mind that this food was quite good coming from a truck, I would certainly get an Only Burger again. In fact, the convenience of the truck coming to ATC and taking credit cards and phone orders is hard to beat. I just have trouble developing a craving for a burger when I can already get good ones at a few other places also in walking distance.

Only Burger
3710 Shannon Rd., Suite 118
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 937-9377

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3 thoughts on “Only Burger

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  • I’m sensing a common denomination among our particular brand of foodie, if we have one, ladies. ,) My review of the food truck was a bit less stellar–fries okay, but burger was way too pink for my liking and too buttery greasy. Just not my burger thing! I did have a second one recently at their storefront, which was better than on the truck. I do plan to try a fried green tomato and pimento burger sometime–it just seems like something I must do!

  • I absolutely agree! I don’t get the appeal. The burgers are ok, but to have to wait in a line, in the cold (or heat of summer) for an ok burger… *shrug. Don’t get it.

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