Only Burger

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  1. The Gourmez says:

    I’m sensing a common denomination among our particular brand of foodie, if we have one, ladies. ,) My review of the food truck was a bit less stellar–fries okay, but burger was way too pink for my liking and too buttery greasy. Just not my burger thing! I did have a second one recently at their storefront, which was better than on the truck. I do plan to try a fried green tomato and pimento burger sometime–it just seems like something I must do!

  2. I absolutely agree! I don’t get the appeal. The burgers are ok, but to have to wait in a line, in the cold (or heat of summer) for an ok burger… *shrug. Don’t get it.

  1. January 16, 2015

    […] Corbett’s and Bull City Burgers and Brewery. Generally my favorite has been Burger Fi or Only Burger, but these guys have no healthy options. I’m happy that Smashburger has not only chicken […]

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