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Five Guys Famous Burgers

I had heard this place offered some of the best burgers in town although I can’t remember which website I read this on. The only local Raleigh burgers I’ve had the chance to sample since I’ve been here are Char Grill, which are delightfully charred on the outside, albeit a bit thin and small.

Five Guys are hand formed and never frozen. I was initially disappointed when I walked in because these are cooked on a standard flat griddle rather than a grate over charcoal or a gas grill. But these babies were tender and delicious, and the fries were amazing. Normally fries are a sideline item but these could be the star of a meal if you wanted. They’re fresh cut daily.
Here’s the list of top five Raleigh everything (including burgers) according to a local blogger vs AOL City Guide. Here’s a review of one of the original Five Guys locations by Roadfood, one of my favorite foodie blogs.

Five Guys
North Hills Mall
4120 Main St
Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 787-7772

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