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Guglhuph Cafe

5 out of 5 stars

I had a bias against Guglhuph Cafe because a negative experience there the first time I went. Hubs and I stopped in on one afternoon just looking for a snack. The nutella sandwich on the kid’s menu caught my eye, but they wouldn’t let me order it! I tried to reason that they could charge me an adult price but I was still shot down. In my view, if they have the ingredients, why wouldn’t they sell me one? I figured it was a German thing. After all, I am married to a German man, I have witnessed their legendary stubborn nature. 😉

Despite this, I gave them another shot on a lunch trip with my lovely friend Joy. The patio quickly filled up that day because the weather was amazing. The two-story interior and the shaded patio are both quite pleasant areas to sit, enjoying the wifi and sipping on your beverage. It did feel like a European experience to us, if only because there were so many people lulling about, enjoying wine and generally relaxing.

The Westphalian ham and cheese panini was quite comforting, as I imagined it would be. The ham is similar to prosciutto in it’s delicate saltiness and smooth flavor. The cucumber salad was refreshing as well, better than the slaw. I cannot remember what Joy ordered but she did say that she loves the roasted beet sandwich. On this visit, the staff was sweet enough to let Joy switch out her slaw for the cucumber salad because it wasn’t to her taste. So they redeemed themselves.
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I highly recommend stopping by here, if not for lunch then at least for a peek in their bakery. You won’t be sorry. Brunch promises to be fantastic.

Guglhuph Cafe and Patisserie
2706 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd. suite #1
Durham, NC 27707

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  • Haven’t been to Guglhupf in a year or so, never think of hitting that section of 15-501 but… Need to get back and check the Hupf out, thanks for the review, Mandy!

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