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Dixie Picnic

20 Oct 2010

written by deMandy

Dixie Picnic

5 out of 5 stars

Finding a new breakfast place gets me all atwitter like nothing else can. The discovery of Dixie Picnic (@DixiePicnic) was like striking gold! Not only do they have breakfast, they have Upcakes! And I am proud to discover a place in my hometown that my mother didn’t already know about.

So to whet your appetite I’ll show you some pic goodness of the pastries before I blab further.
Cinnamon Buns
Sticky Buns

My son enjoyed the atmosphere, as you can see in the pics below – booths made up of wicker love seats and old family photos on the wall gave it a homey feel. At the counter the shop had homemade jellies for purchase.

Often how I’ll judge a breakfast place is by the benedict, although I have been disappointed so many times that I don’t usually order it. When I asked the man behind the counter what he recommends, he suggested the benedict which comes with homemade sauce. I ordered it and it was fantastic! The ham slices had a great savory tangy flavor which included fresh rosemary. I was delighted to find that my orange juice was freshly squeezed right when I ordered it.

Mom ordered the ham biscuit which uses sliver-thin shavings of salty Smithfield country ham and is served with some honey mustard on the side. The biscuit was crumbly heaven.

It looks like Dixie Picnic has some neat lunch options as well, including a lunch box ($8.99) which includes a sandwich, your choice of side, a deviled egg and an Upcake. I’ll definitely be back!

Dixie Picnic
215 Lancaster Ave Frazer, PA 19355

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9 Comments on Dixie Picnic

  1. Mandy Steinhardt

    New Post: Dixie Picnic, #Southern homestyle deliciousness in the #Philly 'burbs: #reviews #dining

  2. RDU Gonna Eat that?

    RT @demandycom great post but now i want eggs benny

  3. RDU Gonna Eat that?

    RT @demandycom great post but now I really want eggs Benny…

  4. Lisa Creech Bledsoe

    Mmm. Anything called an “upcake” is something I would like to have a bite of. I’m not a fan of cupcakes with the enormous mound of sugar and crisco on top. I like cake, not icing! So DP is on my list! Nice site.

  5. burgeoningfoodie

    Well I wanted to write and say this reminded me of my recent trip to Amish Country and my recent idea to make Whoopie Pies. Yummy stuff. I also saw the N/O article and wanted to say that I too am a Halloween baby and so an early Happy Birthday!

  6. deMandy

    Wow another Halloween baby and a foodie too! We have much in common! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. deMandy

    I like the cake and the icing, unless it’s that gross shelf-stable kind they use in supermarket cakes. But I can’t wait to try some of the interesting varieties at Dixie Picnic like pistacio or almond. Thanks for commenting!

  8. The Gourmez

    I feel I must defend shelf-stable frosting as the stuff in the can on the shelf is really quite delicious. What ends up on supermarket cakes, whatever it may be, is a travesty against nature. I would also like to say thanks for an introduction to upcakes! Did you have one?

  9. deMandy

    Yes, I agree, shelf frosting can be good but that supermarket cake stuff is intolerable. Unfortunately I was so full after my benedict and finishing my mother’s biscuit that I had no room for an upcake! And since I get my sweet tooth from my mom we also already have cake at home. Next time I’ll definitely try them, though.

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