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I’ve been to Firebirds (@FirebirdsGrill) three times now, two of which were occasions when it wasn’t planned. We simply wandered in. A recent visit was for a much-deserved date night with some friends, taking up an offer for babysitting.

The decor inside is what I would imagine an upscale lodge would have (never having actually been inside of a lodge). Intimate lighting, nice stonework, rustic wood, all capped off with a giant deer head above us and a fireplace further off in the dining room. The smell of the wood-burning oven tickles your nose and tempts you as you order.

On this visit, I enjoyed a perfectly done prime rib with some excellent garlic mashed potatoes. It’s unfortunate that I only had one side choice (of course preferring a starch to anything healthy I could have chosen). I did drool over my companion’s sesame encrusted salmon which came with a side of fried spinach (think kale chips) and parmesan mashed potatoes. Hub’s sirloin and sauteed veggies looked delightful.

Not only are the steaks there done to perfection, the salads are also amazingly crisp, with wonderful dressings. My spinach salad had thick bacon crumbles and egg slices with a nice basalmic vinaigrette. Hubs enjoyed his classic iceberg wedge.

Desserts were also amazing – of course I ordered the warm chocolate brownie with salted caramel on top, but my friends enjoyed their crème brulee cheesecake.

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  1. Twirly says:

    Sounds yummy. I wish I had gone out to eat more when I lived there; I was a regular at Red Robin with the kiddie.

  1. October 19, 2010

    Finally another date night! The deets on our meal @FirebirdsGrill #triangle #dining #restaurant #review

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