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Ninth Street Bakery

4 out of 5 stars

In desperation I headed over to Ninth Street Bakery after my search for some donuts on a Monday went unfulfilled. My favorite donut place is not open on Mondays (Daylight) and neither was Scratch. I recalled that Ninth Street Bakery was nearby, which really just looks like a loading dock outside. But venture inside and you can watch the bread being made. The bakery smelled amazing – the yeasty smell of cinnamon raisin bread smacked me in the face as I stepped in from the cold. I bought a huge box of pastries for my new coworkers which included almond croissants, cinnamon rolls, muffins and scones. All were fantastic although the muffins could not compare to the cinnamon rolls and croissants in my mind. Mission accomplished – I got to know more colleagues that day than any other. Anyone will socialize for a fresh pastry.

The bakery also has sandwich lunches and chips or carrots and soup available for really reasonable prices. You can take out, pick one of the few tables inside, or eat outside on some picnic tables. P.S. check in with Foursquare to get a deal.


I was recently fortunate enough to drop by Ninth Street and try the Indian food they are offering for lunch. Lured in by their Facebook update, I dropped by and took home some delicious grub. The lunch of the day was two large samosas with a side of fruit and a cup of tomato lentil coconut soup. I couldn’t help myself and got a chocolate croissant for later in the afternoon. I ended up with two filling vegetarian lunches and an afternoon snack worth of food for $9.

Samosa Lunch
Samosa Lunch
Ninth Street Bakery
136 E Chapel Hill St  Durham, NC 27701
(919) 688-5606

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