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This Six Forks Freshberry is now closed, but there is still one on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh (Locations Page).

4 out of 5 stars

A weath of new frozen treat shops are opening in the Raleigh area. They may prove harsh competition to our long-time favorite, Goodberry’s. Freshberry features about six flavors of yogurt each day that come with your choice of two or three toppings included in the price. They also have neat-looking popsicles that are all under 100 calories, and a selection of smoothies. The topping selection includes a wide variety of freshly diced fruits as well as some traditional candy toppings.

While a healthy dessert sounds like a good idea, I didn’t end up going that route. I gave a taste to the coconut frozen yogurt, which was tasty with a bit of a tang to it. But I ended up ordering Decadent Dark Chocolate yogurt with oreo as a topping. However it’s awesome to have the option to look at the nutritional content and to order something healthier (they have a no-sugar added vanilla in addition to the healthier pops) when you have health issues to watch out for. I haven’t been to Pinkberry so I can’t compare, but I did feel this was some decandent yogurt! Still, Goodberry’s still has a place in my heart (and stomach) with their rich custard.

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