Chubby’s Tacos

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  1. Sarah says:

    I eat sometimes at the Chubby’s in Durham on Ninth St, which seems to have the same layout and menu. Their salsas and fillings taste good but I think most of their tortillas/ burritos are a little bit oilier and less substantial than I like. Also, everything I order falls apart! I’ve been trying to order the smallest stuff on the menu and it still completely disintegrates the moment I pick it up or bite into it. But for really quick, tasty hot food in vast quantities for not too much money, Chubby’s works well.

  2. Carly says:

    I ate at the one in RTP and it was super yummy. You have to go back for the salsa bar. I ate three little things of the gaucamole/salsa mix, it was so yummy, I would go back just for that.

  3. Tony says:

    Hey Mandy, how’s going? Loved the review, great to know that Chubby’s is coming to Raleigh. We keep meaning to try it but somehow never seem to make it. Now we’ll have no excuses for not trying it.

  4. deMandy says:

    Thanks for checking the site out Jennifer! Chubby’s is great and I hear they are opening a location in North Raleigh also (Falls River). This one will still be closer to us.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Hi, Mandy! My son Jack and I met you this morning at the coffeehouse. Love this blog – and I totally ate like crazy at Chuby’s when I was pregnant. LOVE their food!

  6. Fadra says:

    Love your site! We’re goodies too. Tried Chubby’s at the NCMA opening and thought it was great. Might be time to try the restaurant. BTW, I’ve lived here for 15 yrs so I always have suggestions!

  7. Ben Smith says:


    I just discovered your cool site. I live in Raleigh too and I always like finding out about new places. You’re right – the Mexican food to be had in Raleigh is not that great, especially compared to Durham.

    Also, I’ve just started a food blog called The Food Life. It’s all about cooking and eating out in the Triangle. Check it out and maybe you can post a link to my site on yours, and I’ll do the same for yours.



  1. October 25, 2010

    […] very satisfying. With this in mind, despite hearing how awesome Chubby’s Tacos was (our pal Demandy┬áis a fan), I was going in with very low […]

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