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Sunny’s Diner

3 out of 5 stars

Sunny’s just opened up next to the Bojangles on Glenwood. They’re nestled in with a gas station, an unlikely place for a diner, but as you walk in it feels homey. They’ve disguised the strip mall location with tile walls, vinyl seating and waffle-house style booths.

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The menu is small but cheap, it’s more of a northern style diner than Finch’s. Meaning they don’t seem to have biscuits and gravy, the specialties are pancakes and thick slices of French toast. I ordered the corned beef combo, with eggs and potato hash and toast for $5.99. It was average. Corned beef was strictly from a can but they did crisp it nicely. Hubs had an egg white omelet, which they made for him though it wasn’t on the menu.

We both agreed that the food was cheap and of sufficient quality. Service was very quick – the waitress filled up our coffee continuously (a sticking point with hubby) and dashed about at the speed of light. We’re happy to have a diner nearby!

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Sunny’s Diner
8710 Glenwood Ave  Raleigh, NC 27617
(919) 787-7715

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