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Jumpin Jonny’s Steaks & Subs

2 out of 5 stars

Being from Philly, I have been suckered into trying some pretty crappy cheesesteaks. This was one of them. Soft squishy bread (it should be a crispy Italian roll, preferably hearth-baked, i.e. Amoroso’s) and overly peppered beef led me to leave the second half of the sandwich. Meat quality was average. The fries were relatively good, coated with thick flecks of rough-ground salt. But not enough for me to come back. Penn station has similar steaks and better fries. I’ve had better here.

P.S. You know its not even close to authentic when it comes with lettuce and tomato by default. For decent steaks around here, see Pizzamerica or Jersey Mike’s.

Jumpin Jonny’s Steaks & Subs
7870-125 Alexander Promenade
Raleigh, NC 27617
(919) 598-0909

One thought on “Jumpin Jonny’s Steaks & Subs

  • Please Post My Comments:
    Thank you for the post, I did see a couple faint kind words. I am the biggest critic on the planet, especially when it comes to Jumpin’ Jonny’s – I am Jonny! Jonathan Munsell to rest of the world. I welcome my fellow Philadelphian back… on the house. We have a saying “You’ll Love Our Food…or It’s Free!” I would like to discuss the finer points of a great sandwich, which I am passionate about.

    As for the bread – We do not bring down “amoroso rolls” because they taste terrible after being frozen. We bake our own bread from a true demi loaf dough, the kind you use for a buttery flakey dinner roll – Most people RAVE about the bread. We do bring our steak meat in twice a week from Philly.

    You should also try:
    Our Chicken Cheese Steak – All white meat chicken breast, sliced and mariinated in store daily
    Fries Cut Fresh Everyday
    Lemonade Squeezed to order
    Subs sliced to order
    also check out our Fresh “Hand Pattied” Angus Burgers

    We even have Cheez Whiz so you build it just like in Philly. The sandwiches are huge, fries overflowing and I welcome any and all to come by and experience some great service and tasty food!

    Respectfully yours,

    Jonathan “Jumpin Jonny” Munsell


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