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Motivated Monday – Bento Box from Tasu, Cary, NC

Tasu, which is located at Crossroads in Cary, has a new lunch option of a bento box. You can choose from a small entree, a choice of a few sushi rolls, rice or edamame, and salad to make a nice healthy lunch. I have no idea how many calories are in this, but it has a nice balance of veggies, and meat. The new lunch options weren’t listed on their website menu when I checked.
lunch bento tasu

I’ve been going to Tasu for a year or so now, they have reliable service and food, spacious booths, good sushi rolls, and good quality meat in the hibachi dishes (which are what I like to choose). Before, I was always before getting steak hibachi, which comes with both rice and lo mein and salad or soup. The problem is that the rice and noodles are really hard to avoid eating. With a bento I feel like I get a little bit of everything.

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