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Japan Express

3 out 5 stars

EDIT: Since this review I’ve found better hibachi with better quality beef. But this is still a solid choice for a quick meal.

I think I almost have to give Japan Express 5 stars since I’ve already eaten there three times in the past week. But perhaps not, maybe I just tend to obsess over food. Japan Express keeps it simple with a menu smaller than 1/2 page. No need to get excited about decor here, and you won’t get any chopping or knife tossing at your table. But you will get a belly full of tasty food for about $6.50.

I always order my favorite, the Hibachi Beef, which comes with a side of zucchini and onions. Glen ordered the steak and shrimp hibachi with extra veggies instead of rice, and they didn’t charge him extra. The beef here is rib-eye and it has a lot of flavor. It’s better than my “usual” hibachi place in Wake Forest. The signature sauces are the same: delicious white or ginger sauce. The important thing to note is that Japan Express has converted my hubs into a hibachi lover. So now I can eat it even more often!

Japan Express
6250 Glenwood Ave #100  Raleigh, NC 27612
(919) 788-7758

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