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Pho Vietnam in Cary, NC

4 out of 5 stars

Service is pretty organized, you can go and order at the register, get a number, and then they will bring the food out to you. You can order a drink to go with it or have some of their free water or hot tea. Menu is below.
pho vietnam menu

I ordered the Pork Bun with Egg Roll.
Fresh ingredients, lots of nice variety in the salad portion, including some radish and carrot in addition to cucumber, lettuce and cilantro. Pork was just what I craved and I loved the egg roll. I couldn’t finish all my noodles but I did finish the pork.

Pho Vietnam

My buddy Matt ordered the Beef Stew and ate every drop. It came with a 6″ french-bread-looking roll that he really enjoyed with it. The Bahn mi’s are around $4 so I am really curious how substantial they are. I look forward to coming back.

They have a little patio in case you’d like to sit outside.
Pho Vietnam

Pho Vietnam
1284 Buck Jones Rd
Cary, NC 27606

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4 thoughts on “Pho Vietnam in Cary, NC

  • Thanks for commenting – I wonder if they are dropping a bit or if it’s a lone occurrence. Lately all my Vietnamese meals have come from Pho Far East in Raleigh, but I have really been craving a good bahn mi.

  • Joseph Wmson

    9/12/15 The meal this Restaurant was not the best Vietnamess I have been in but I should have knowing that the place wouldn’t be like anything like on the West Coast. The food was not worth what they was charging 23.90 for Shrimp and Rice 10.50 for Seafood Bowl. Flyes in the eating area, the waiter setting area playing with her shoe off rubbing her feet and toes, the second waiter arranging tables and chairs stop and pick up the water pitcher by spout and place back the use again to give to the customer. The Food was horrible not worth $37.07 for three person I give them 2 Stars.

  • I was a little conflicted with this place, I personally feel it’s worth lots of repeat visits but do realize that better can be found in the Triangle. Still, I’ve been at least 4 times so far!

  • I went yesterday and tried the bbq pork banh mi and the crispy egg rolls. The banh mi was good enough, but I definitely prefer the ones at Spize in Raleigh. By itself it wasn’t enough to fill me up, but two of them would probably have been too much. It’s a good value at only $3.95. The egg rolls were decent. My friend who is Vietnamese had the pho with beef and wasn’t terribly impressed.

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