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Peking Garden Chinese

5 out of 5 stars

Peking Garden was a great find- I daresay a hidden gem. Though it lies on the corner of a not-so-savory strip mall, the interior has a kind of log-cabin vibe with a pretty koi pond. It would be a great date location.

It was hard to choose what to order because Peking Garden offers a large menu, including the recent addition of a few Thai dishes and a nice selection of vegetarian items. I ordered Kung Pao Chicken, my usual order at my local place. Mom tried some Hunan chicken. My chicken was velvet-tender, with water chestnuts, peanuts, fresh zucchini and celery. Sprinkled within were two types of peppers, the dried red ones and sliced jalapenos. The chicken is not coated and fried like other places, it was lightly sauteed in a flavorful sauce. My lips were quite warm enjoying what I normally have gotten as the mild version.
Kung Pao
Kung Pao Chicken

I ordered hubby some Mala tofu and some hot and sour soup to take home. He enjoyed both and found them quite spicy! So if they tell you something is spicy, don’t doubt it, but you can certainly order it mild like my mom did. Both the brown and white rice were an ideal consistency, slightly sticky and not dry at all.

I look forward to my next meal here- I’d love to try one of the specialties. News and Observer recommends many of the dishes, including the sweet Peking Shredded Pork.

Peking Garden Chinese
126 E Millbrook Rd  Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 848-4663

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