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New Discoveries

bikeCOFFEE, at the intersection of parrish and maneater streets in downtown durham
Minerva bought me the montezuma – cayenne and sweetened condensed milk in coffee
selection of varietal coffees – farms not flavors
Check out the menu.

Koumi Express, near Durham Regional Hospital in North Park:
In short, a good cheap hibachi place which happens to have a drive-through.
Hibachi Steak Рa few boiled sweet carrot slices, fresh saut̩ed veggie mix of onion, mushroom and broccoli, fried rice, dish of shrimp sauce (white/pink sauce). Minerva ordered some chicken udon soup and a side of veggies and was sufficiently happy and full.
Koumi Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Loaf – New bakery that opened in downtown Durham. They have Conter Culture coffee. @Stircrazymoms did a story about it with pictures, here.

I’ve also been meaning to go down to Daisycakes which has a brick and mortar location now that the truck (Airstream trailer, to be exact) has been such a smash.

I’ve even got 4 bucks in the pastry fund, thanks to my sweet-toothed fairies who guiltily enjoy Daylight donuts at my desk!