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Hursey’s Bar-B-Q

4 out of 5 stars

I’m a novice to pulled pork, but after trying it after it was smoked for about 16 hours at a friend’s BBQ cook off, I’m looking to get repeat the experience as often as possible! I ordered a chopped BBQ sandwich with slaw and a little apple turnover. The slaw and pork were a tasty combo, with sweet and sour vinegar twang. I would have preferred a little less sauce and some more smoky flavor, but I’d like to try the pork on it’s own, unencumbered by slaw to get a better idea. In any case, the food was yummy, cheap and super fast to come out. The turnover was a nice way to finish it off. We’d definitely stop back.

Plus, Hursey’s is on the North Carolina historic BBQ trail!


Hursey’s Bar-B-Q
1834 S Church St
Burlington, NC 27215
(336) 226-1694