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Bombay Kitchen

2 out of 5 stars

Bombay kitchen had some tasty food but it was overpriced for the quality. I came here with some ladies and I ordered the buffer and some samosas for lunch – it came to $13 or so. There were a few items to sample on the buffet, but they had been sitting for a while and the restaurant was completely empty when we arrived. The chicken tikka was good, as well as the naan, but the chickpeas in sauce were lukewarm to cold. The ladies enjoyed the mango chicken and other items that they ordered but agreed that it was a bit too pricey. And the service was not very attentive considering we were the only ones there!

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Bombay Kitchen
6016 Falls of Neuse Road
Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 862-0506

One thought on “Bombay Kitchen

  • sara donahue

    It seems like nothing has changed. I was just there Saturday Aug. 1, 2009. And to be quite honest, my meal ended at the water.

    First of all, on their window, they have advertised the lunch buffet all week and a dinner buffet only on Friday and Saturday evenings. I walked in and inquired about the price of the buffet…he informed me that the buffet is only during lunch – they don’t do evening buffets. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!

    So I decided to give it a shot anyways, and was seated with my friend. The restaurant was completely empty upon our arrival and departure. The man was friendly, however, throughout this process, he began talking to me as if I didn’t know what I was talking about.

    We finally decided what we wanted to order – although it seemed that all the items were over-priced to begin with. He came over to take our order, and as we were placing our order for two appetizers, an order of naan, an order of chicken tikka masala, and an order of chicken saag, he asked us what kind of rice we wanted. I looked at him and said, “These entrees don’t come with rice?” He said, “No – these are curries only, you can order them with bread or rice”. I was appalled.

    This was not my first time to an indian restaurant…and every other restaurant I have been to served my favorite (chicken tikka masala) with rice, as well as bringing out papadam with chutney (and sometimes naan) for starters. I made sure to tell him that. He acted like I was wrong and insisted that this was how it was done – and continued to say that plain rice was only $2.00 per serving. He says to me “This is Basmati Rice, you know. It’s expensive – blah blah blah”. I looked at him and said, “Yes, I know…I know what Basmati Rice is and how much it costs – I grew up with it.” (I’m from the Middle East) .

    Each meal was already $13.00 as it was and no rice came with it???

    RIDICULOUS! And each of the appetizers we had chosen were a minimum of $4.00 each.

    I asked him to give us a minute to decided what we wanted…my friend and I talked it over – I was upset. Our meal (entrees W/RICE) would’ve been $30.00 alone. So we got up and told him we were leaving.

    I am also forewarning you all – DON’T GO HERE! YOU WILL MOST DEFINITELY GET RIPPED OFF!!!

    We ended up eating at INDIA MAHAL – where the food was great, the people were nice, and the prices were PERFECT. Our total meal came to less than $35.00 – and this included 2 apps, 2 entrees (including rice!!), naan, AND Taj Mahal beer.

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