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Havana – Best Cuban in town?

I can't say this definitively because I haven't been to Don Ramon's, but Havana is awesome cuban food, the best! Havana always has consistently good food, whether you order at the window, or have a full seated meal. The lemonade is amazing, all the fruit juices are freshly squeezed. The palomilla steak is my favorite, a beaten steak with onions, all marinated with lime. I try to bring out of town guests here to get a taste of Cuban food before they go back home. And I can't go for long without that garlic cuban bread they give you before each meal, buttery toasted and pressed…

I've also been here once at some crazy hour of night due to a flan craving. The window is open 24/7. It wasn't as fun, it's a dangerous corner in the middle of the night. But the flan and tres leches are delicious. Be careful, the parking lot is always full, and it's a tight squeeze!

Havana Restaurant INC on Urbanspoon
Havana Restaurant Inc

6803 S Dixie Hwy
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
(561) 547-9799

One thought on “Havana

  • I have eaten at Don Ramon’s and Havana blows it out of the water. Cabana in West Palm Beach is better than Havana but it’s a more expensive/higher end place. But you cant beat Havana for the value.

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