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Gateway Restaurant

4 out of 5 stars

The found out about Gateway Restaurant on We went with our $10 certificate, hoping to find another diner which this area seems to be short on compared to where I used to live. This diner is not near our apartment but we were headed downtown. It’s in a shady shopping center near the flea market, and has been open since 1984.

The menu is small but for about $6.75 you can get a good breakfast combo including meat and two eggs, choice of homefries, grits, tomato or applesauce and choice of biscuits or toast. I got bacon, home fries and biscuits and had my eggs scrambled. Now this place is not fancy by any means – you get styrofoam plates and cups and a prepackaged plastic silverware set. But the food tasted homemade. Not homemade in a totally awesome way, just in a homey way like you are eating breakfast at a friend’s mom’s house after a sleepover. All the patrons knew the owners, it was a very friendly place that I felt good in.

Eggs were tasty, like mom would make rather than the thin choppy ones you normally get that are made on the flat grill. Bacon was plentiful and Glen’s sausage patty was tasty. Home fries were mushy and crispy in places, seasoned and delicious. Biscuits were not flaky but like little pillows – not awesome but decent. Glen felt his grits were over buttered and salted, he likes to do his own up.

I’d be curious to go back for lunch, I’d definitely go back for breakfast if I was in the area.

Gateway Restaurant
2411 Crabtree Blvd
Raleigh, NC 27604
(919) 832-3020