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Dominic’s NY Pizza

5 out of 5 stars

Dominic’s was just what the hungry work lunch crowd needed on a sunny Friday. Once we eyed the cheesy white pizza with ribbons of spinach and chunks of tomato, all three of us had to try a slice as part of the lunch special. Despite that already tasty combination of toppings, it was really the fresh garlic, mozzarella and feta which put it over the top for me. I also had a slice of pepperoni – the special was $6 or so for two slices and a soda. Both pieces of pizza were thin crust, with that nicely crunchy NY style pizza bottom, but the peices are flappy so you can fold them in half if you’d like. The sauce is pure tomato, not too sweet and not spicy. I wonder how they stack up to Fuhgeddaboudit Pizza, the new NY style place at Six Forks. We’ll see!

My only regret is perhaps not trying a cannoli. Oh and taking a tasty pic for you. Since the pizza had mostly vanished by the time I thought of it.

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