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Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill

2 out of 5 stars

We’ve been here twice now so I’ve had a chance to sample both the sushi and the mongolian grill. This place is a strange cultural intersection with a haphazard decor style with a kinda of depressing run-down feel to it. They have sushi, although it is just ok, and then they have the grill. You basically pile your plate with all the veggies, meats and flavorings you want (sauces and spices) and then hand it to the grill person and he will stir fry it for you. You can go back as many times as you want for about $10. It’s not a bad deal, and my first trip up was a success but not as much on my second. While I like the choices of meats (sausage, tofu, beef, chicken, scallops, shrimp, egg, pork), I think generally Stir Crazy does this concept better.

My husband loves this place because he’s on a low carb diet and he can have as much as he wants without getting drowned in rice. I won’t mind coming back to accompany him because I can get sushi, but this definitely wouldn’t be my first choice. The food is ok but it takes a while of awkward waiting to get it. In addition, our waitress was horrible, just chatting with her friends most of the time.

Crazy Fire Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon
Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill
13200 Strickland Rd # 110
Raleigh, NC 27613
(919) 866-1300

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