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3 out of 5 stars

Assaggio’s has a decent selection of Italian food that you can order at the counter and have delivered to your table. The menu ranges from sandwiches and pizza to pasta entrees up to about $20. I ordered a meatball sub and ended up enjoying the tasty (non greasy) garlic rolls more than the sub. Not that the sub was horrible – it had very large meatballs, some tasty sauce, and some fresh mozzarella on top. Unfortunately it was light on sauce so the whole thing was quite bland. I’d prefer meatballs that were simmered in sauce. The sub roll was nice and crusty. This would be a good place to come for a lunch special ($6-$10) which is the entree of the day which comes with salad and soda.

The market side has a selection of frozen raviolis and sausages for sale, as well as cannolli filling, famous espresso sode, Manhattan Special soda, and a limited selection of other Italian treats. They also have some baked goods.

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3501 W. Millbrook Drive
Raleigh, NC 27613
(919) 785-2088