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Carolina Sushi & Roll

4 out of 5 stars

Ever in search of a better sushi joint, Glen and I stopped here, excited to see a nearby alternative to Tokyo House. It seems to have a Hawaiian theme inside, with a neat sunset type of painting technique on the walls. We also thought the lanterns and candles decorating the interior were a nice touch, accompanied by music you might hear in a spa rather than the traditional Japanese music you sometimes hear (or worse, the asian muzak covers of old American songs).

Tonight they had a few half price rolls, so we tried spicy tuna roll, eel and cucumber roll, the volcano roll with scallops, and the Maui roll (albacore tuna with avocado and a garlic sauce). We loved all the rolls, particularly the Maui. The volcano roll was good, with mostly krab and some bay scallops as well as some mushrooms. The sauce was nice and smoky and a little spicy.

We went to leave a tip for the sushi chef, which is not always possible in NC sushi places. I’ve often found here that there is no tip jar for the guys. I thought I saw a tip jar here but apparently it was a donation jar to help the Haitian children. I’m not sure what happened to the Haitian children, I am probably totally out of touch. I asked the waiter to give our tip to the sushi chef and he said, “Oh yes, I’ll give it to him, it’s my dad!”

We’ll be back.

Carolina Sushi & Roll
6008 Falls of Neuse Rd
Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 981-5835

Carolina Sushi & Roll in Raleigh