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Bizaare Ave Cafe

4 out of 5 stars

Bizaare: Cute ladies' spot with cushy couches

Bizaare Cafe is a funky little place that oozes comfort. I like to go here with my ladies to get together because they have comfy couches and coffee tables you can chill at, delicious appetizers, and homemade desserts that are to die for!

This is also a popular place for some singles to meet n greet, but the bar area is a little small for that. It's bigger at the Bizaare location in Jupiter. The Jupiter location has sushi too, which rocks.

I have to say that the entrees here are a little overpriced, in my opinion. That's why I always stick to the baked brie appetizer and a few others, and save room for the peanut butter pie.

I have heard that the food at Level 2, the new half of Bizaare upstairs, is better than the food at Bizaare, and that they have a fixed price menu, so I'll do a review when I get the chance to check it out.  There is a Bizaare 2 located in Jupiter which I like even better than this place because they also have sushi, and excellent sushi at that!  The place gets hopping in a good way for happy hour.

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Bizaare Avenue Cafe

921 Lake Ave
Lake Worth, FL 33460
(561) 588-4488