Monthly Archive: January 2007

Yokohama Sushi 0

Yokohama Sushi

2.5 out of 5 stars Hole in the wall sushi My husband and I stopped in to Yokohama for a quick bite of sushi because we were starving and we had that craving. It's...

Bizaare Cafe Second Level 0

Bizaare Cafe Second Level

4/5 stars  Bizaare's Second level takes it to another level  My husband and I went out for dinner here (upstairs from the Bizaare Cafe on Lake Ave in Lake Worth) with another couple and...

La Rescatore – Now CLOSED 0

La Rescatore – Now CLOSED

3/5 stars Cozy French restaurant, excellent desserts My husband and I came here to celebrate his father's birthday. It's a small restaurant in a corner of this shopping center which I hate because it...