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La Rescatore – Now CLOSED

3/5 stars

Cozy French restaurant, excellent desserts

My husband and I came here to celebrate his father's birthday. It's a small restaurant in a corner of this shopping center which I hate because it is impossible to ever find a spot anywhere near any of the stores. Regardless, they do have valet in front of the Carabba's if you are into that.  Once you do get into the shopping center, it has a lovely deck in the back that overlooks a man-made lake.

This restaurant has an old-fashioned olmost grandmothery decor, which is kind of cute. It has various flowery tablecloths and an old china cabinet in the back.  The chef has won some soft of top chef award about five years ago, but perhaps has gotten tired since? Generally the food is excellent (the in-laws say), but I found the shrimp in my shrimp and scallops in lobster sauce overcooked and a bit rubbery. The dishes all seem to come with a fancier looking version of scalloped potato (not fancier tasting) and a few roasted vegetables which are casually tossed on the plate. My husband had a roast duck dish, which was cooked to the proper rareness but apparently very light in flavor. The chef is famous for preparing things lightly, instead of with oodles of cream sauce, and is willing to accomodate different diets, which is always a bonus.

The best deal here is the fixed price dinner ($35 on weekends), which comes with a salad or appetizer or soup of the day, choice of entree, and choice of dessert. I didn't get the fixed price because I wanted a fancy dessert, and the fixed price only gives you three to choose from. I ended up with a creme brulee ($7) which was much better than the entree. Unfortunately I didn't realize that if you want the grand marnier chocolate souffle ($12), you have to order it at the same time that you order your entree, so I missed out on trying that treat.

Le Rescatore
6909 SW 18th St
(18th & Powerline, North East Corner)
Boca Raton, FL 33433
(561) 750-8088