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Yokohama Sushi

2.5 out of 5 stars

Hole in the wall sushi

My husband and I stopped in to Yokohama for a quick bite of sushi because we were starving and we had that craving. It's a tiny hole-in-the wall place that happens to have half price sushi rolls Tuesday-Thursday 5-7 and then half price rolls for Ladies on Friday nights. Unfortunately I guess we wandered in around 7 so we missed that deal. We also missed the specials board which said some rolls were on sale.

We ordered miso soup (which was pretty bland for miso, $2), a J.B. roll ($5), a Spicy girl roll, which is spicy tuna roll with tuna on the outside. We requested to have white tuna on the outside instead of regular ($2 extra to bring it to $12), and a Morocco roll, which was a selection of raw fish, no rice and a cucumber wrap ($9). The rolls were pretty good but there were 4 rather unprofessional looking sushi chefs. They were all deshelling shrimp in between doing other activities with no evidence of hand washing. It just looked like an unsanitary environment and put me off my sushi.

Service wasn't especially good either. Two waitresses for the tiny place and we still had to wait a while for the waitress to take our order and bring the check.

This might be a good place to go on half price nights if you have a craving but are low on cash. I probably won't go back, though. They did seem to have some regulars (a younger crowd).

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Yokohama Sushi
60 N Federal Hwy
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(561) 392-9328