4 out of 5 stars

Freshly made yogurt at Yovana

Yovana is actually a concept store from TCBY that serves fresh yogurt (non-frozen) as well as their frozen yogurt.  I got some for a quick bite at the Charlotte Airport on my way through and the yogurt is awesome!  They told me it's plain yogurt but it is actually a very creamy lowfat vanilla and I had one of their organic granolas and fruit in it like a parfait.  It's not cheap, about $5 for a small or a parfait, but it's one of the healthiest things available at the airport and it was so good I had to get some more on my stopover on the way home!  Service was horrible, but that's typical of airports.  Apparently not that many people order the "fresh" yogurt so they kept thinking I wanted frozen and had to ask twice to double check.


Charlotte Airport