thrifting adventures and air-popped popcorn

One enjoyable thing about wandering any local thrift shop is the fact that you will always run into numerous old appliances (and clothes, knick-knacks, and randomness) begging for new life. Bread machines from once-inspired bakers, and popcorn makers are found aplenty. During my recent scouring mission looking for camping gear for an upcoming trip, I stumbled upon the trusty presto popper. For $1.99 I couldn’t pass it up.

My son is a popcorn-obsessive. He freaks out over popcorn the way that I do about pastries. So to me it was worth the $2 investment plus under $2 for some popping corn at the store. Microwave popcorn has been rumored for quite a while now to contain harmful ingredients, PFOA in the bag liner and diacetyl and variants of that chemical in the butter flavoring. So why not take it old-school and get to watch our kernels pop?

Simply pour 1/4-1/2 cup of kernels into the middle, place the top cover on, put some butter in the cup to melt, and plug the bugger in! In under two minutes you’ve got a bowl full of fresh popcorn and it doesn’t taste like burnt chemicals. Hooray!

The review sites seem to agree that some of the best brands of popcorn kernels are Bob’s Red Mill, Orville Redenbacher, Great Northern, and Snappy White.

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