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The Hardware Co. Restaurant

3 out of 5 stars

Glen and I headed here for dinner on the Fourth of July on the recommendation of our friendly B&B owner, Don. He said it was a good place to grab a bite and where drinks could be had. It’s a nice looking place with comfortable seating set up inside what was at one time a hardware store in the 20’s. Glen ordered the “homemade” chicken salad sandwich and I ordered some chicken tenders. The chicken tenders were very tender, but generally were your standard frozen tender fare. They came with some tasty waffle fries. Glen’s chicken sandwich may have been homemade but it was stringy and tough chicken. Which I normally wouldn’t be too surprised by, but this particular chicken sandwich was named after someone. And the menu claimed that it was “prepared in the tradition of a renowned local hostess”. Service was just ok, it didn’t help them gain back any of the lost ground. Neither did the apple pie for dessert, which DID taste homemade but was overly sweet and heavy on the clove.

Anyway, this place was quite popular with the locals. I say still give them a shot, firstly because you don’t have many other choices in Hillsville and secondly because we didn’t get to try very many dishes.

The Hardware Co. Restaurant
508 North Main St
Hillsville, VA 24343
(276) 728-2658