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Sushi Toi

3 out of 5 stars  

Only on Sunday

Sushi Toi has gone from being our number one place to go to being our last resort only-on-Sunday-when-nothing-else-is-open option. We seem to always get sushi cravings on Sunday in the middle of the afternoon. Because this place is near the movie theater, it has better hours than many sushi places.

The lunch box prices are decent here. I find it interesting that the roll specials have never changed in the two years I have been going here.

I'll admit to you that there are only a few things I have problems with, my most commonly ordered roll always turns out fine (JB). Don't order the volcano roll here, it is normally a mayonnaisey mess, and it's very inconsistent. A friend ordered the pad thai beef from here and it honestly smelled like wet dog. They replaced it for him with the chicken version which wasn't as awful, but they didn't seem suprised at all to have it sent back. Since then I have never brought anyone back here, and limit my own trips.

This place does deliver to your house, which is a bonus. In fact the owners own some better sushi joints, mostly similarly named things like Toi and Boy or having Toi in the name. The Boca one and the Boynton one on Gateway are both better than this location.

Sushi Toi & Thai Cuisine
1648 S Federal Hwy
Delray Beach, FL 33483
(561) 243-9116