Pepperoni Grill

Pepperoni Grill 

5 out of 5 stars

 I was brought here recently by my in-laws, and it was a spectacular choice.  We were waited on by a lovely woman who is the best type of waitress to have.  She tells you what to order, has been working there forever years, and has pride in the dishes.  We ordered a lovely portabella pasta and she suggested we add blackened chicken to it, which took it up a notch.  We also ordered a delicious antipasto salad, and got one of the most delicious bowls of tomato bisque I've ever had, which freshly roasted garlic and tomato.  We ended up also getting a stromboli which we were too full to eat, and enjoyed the next night for leftovers.  I highly recommend this place!

Pepperoni Grill 
9174 Wiles Rd
Coral Springs, FL 33067
(954) 345-1604

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