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PA BBQ Grill

2/5 stars

I am not a fan of PA Grill.  The ribs are tasty but not unique in any way, and they can sometimes be a bit dry.  I have tried the pulled pork sandwich, which was extremely dry.  It came without any sauce on it so that I could douse it with my choice of regular or hot barbeque sauce.  The side dishes have also not impressed me.  The mashed potatoes lack flavor and seem overly starchy.  The baked beans aren’t bad, with bits of bacon fat in them, but are a little too spicy for my taste.  And the vegetables are nothing to write home about.  For a restaurant that tries to have home-style food, they don’t particularly succeed.  But some of you may like it more than I do, I am not a fan of BBQ to begin with.

Park Avenue BBQ & Grill