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Out of Denmark

3/5 stars 

Out of Denmark was suggested to us by some relatives as a great place to have a nice romantic dinner, so we headed over and got a table at this tiny little place.  The inside is decorated quite the way someone’s ancient grandmother may have done it.  With flowery old-fashioned wallpaper, and plates on the walls and antiques and doilies.  We were the youngest in the place by at least 20 years.  The tables were also crowded pretty tightly.  I would not want to be the diners who got the table situated in the hallway near the door, with wait staff and guests constantly rushing by!

The popular dinner choice includes a number of courses brought out one after the other (although not right after each other).  This is a lengthy dining experience.  One has to be prepared to eat only tidbits of each course in order to save room for the next.  The appetizer tray was an attractive display and had gravlax, pickled herring, curried chicken salad, and other items.  Nothing was particularly attractive to us, but it’s a Scandinavian restaurant so I have to give leeway there.

Our entrees were delicious.  I had a baked salmon with sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes, which was all wonderful but I had hardly any room left to eat any of it after the salad and other appetizers.  My husband enjoyed the steak he ordered.

In the end we found the service way too slow for us (although this place is a staple with the older generation).  The food was good but not our style, and the décor we didn’t find romantic in the least.  We wouldn't return becacuse it's not for us, but you may like it!

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Out of Denmark

1725 S Federal Hwy
Delray Beach, FL 33483
(561) 276-4950